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    hi, first post here, please move if need to anyway i hope the iphone 5 includes NFC for mobile payments, i know NFC mobile payments are only in there early days/years around the world but is anyone looking forward to paying using there phone?

    if not all cards are accepted(or the ones you use now) would you change banks/credit card providers even if you got less value back(i.e less cashback or rewards) and how much would you be willing to give up if you do?

    i dont live in the US so i dont have access to google wallet but mastercards paypass wallet looks good seeing you can also add amex, visa, discovery card and so on so i think it might be a safe bet the next iphone will have NFC payments.

    also what do you think apple could do to push mobile payments, a bit of topic but i think if google said that any shop that providers google offers also gets maybe free Adwords advertising if you pay using google wallet so lets say i by $100 worth of things and i get 10% off so thats $10 off that i would get abd google would give the shop $10 free Adwords, i guess apple carnt do that.

    Also would about if apple had there own credit card and it gave 1% cashback to your itunes account so you could by apps, music and so on or maybe a share-buying program where maybe some or all would go to buying apple shares so the stock price keeps going up if thats legal.

    i know these are all ideas but would like to hear from other people.
    05-08-2012 02:06 PM