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  1. BradM73's Avatar
    Okay, we're just afew hours away from knowing for sure if the iPhone 5 is a reality, or if we'll only get a 4S. So here's a thread in which you can voice your RAAAAGGE!!!! Cry together. Comfort each other. And in the case we DO get an iPhone 5, this can be our place to vent months of pent up speculation, to finally feel relief, to laugh and cheer together! So post your thoughts here when we finally know the truth!
    10-04-2011 10:50 AM
  2. MarkAllan's Avatar

    I really hope there is one. Seems like it's been forgotten about, unless I missed the news that it was confirmed to be in or out.
    10-04-2011 10:55 AM
  3. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    Think it was confirmed... the LED on the back will flash with Accessibility features
    10-04-2011 11:01 AM
  4. Devinfowlkes15's Avatar
    Omg it's no iPhone 5 just iPhone 4s THANKS ALOT APPLE -____-
    10-04-2011 01:14 PM
  5. markhunsaker's Avatar
    This is just about as disappointing as when...(insert personal diappointing moment here)
    10-04-2011 01:17 PM
  6. Premium1's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure HTC, samsung and every other android manufacturer is having a party right now
    10-04-2011 01:19 PM
  7. redbeard's Avatar
    I'll take it if it's free, not for 199 plus a two year contract.

    In the meantime I'll jailbreak 5.0 and enable siri on my iPhone 4..
    10-04-2011 01:19 PM
  8. Caballera's Avatar
    Nice that there's new hardware.. think that was a given. Was hoping for a new design and bigger display (with higher resolution), specially when you see Android handsets like the LG Optimus.
    10-04-2011 01:44 PM
  9. lockerc18's Avatar
    This is CRAP.

    Same screen size?

    No LTE?

    Who the heck cares about Siri? What a USELESS gimmick.


    Thanks a lot, Verizon.

    I really wanted a GOOD iPhone5 to replace my DX. Guess what, Apple? I'll stay just where I am, thank you. With ANDROID on VERIZON.

    10-04-2011 01:45 PM
  10. Netherscourge's Avatar
    1. I like Siri, the A5 chip, the 8MP camera and the 1080p Video
    2. I don't like the same screen size
    3. Sprint's risking their company for $20 Billion of iPhone 4S's?
    4. Not impressed with the pricing.

    Bottom Line: The screen size is the deal killer for me. It's just too small.

    Sorry, Apple. Maybe next year.
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    10-04-2011 01:50 PM
  11. slide's Avatar
    No reason to have iPhone 5 w/o 4G / LTE and that's impossible now. Too much battery drain and too few areas which are so equipped. Apple would have done it if it could but it was probably technically unfeasible as well as silly given how few areas have coverage.

    I'm pretty happy. I get another year at least out of my 4. OK, maybe not a year, but at least some more time before I get iPhone fever. The S does nothing for me.
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    10-04-2011 01:53 PM
  12. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    lol...i love how butt hurt so many are over the screen size, but before any of this iPhone 5/4" screen mumbo jumbo was announced, 99% of you were talking about how screen size wasn't that big of a deal...hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
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    10-04-2011 01:56 PM
  13. Fausty82's Avatar
    Please place used razor blades here -> |__________|
    10-04-2011 02:09 PM
  14. DrewBear's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure HTC, samsung and every other android manufacturer is having a party right now
    I'm pretty sure those companies are cussing because the iPhone 3GS is now $399 unsubsidized, $0 subsidized. They're probably not too happy that the 4S is a world phone either.

    What these corporations have been seeing is that the old iPhone 3GS & 4 continue to rake in $billions. They know that this new lineup (3GS, 4 & 4S) is going to take even more money off the smartphone table. That leaves less for them to split amongst themselves. There's nothing there for them to celebrate.
    10-04-2011 02:25 PM
  15. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    lol @ the ideas that this iPhone 4S will some how "hurt" Apple...foolish idiots.
    10-04-2011 02:39 PM
  16. paul-c's Avatar
    I wasn't really surprised with the news out of the Apple event today. Pretty much went the way I thought it would. That's why I'm alright with the Verizon iPhone 4 that I got back in April. I just didn't believe that Apple would get rid of the all glass design so soon.
    10-04-2011 02:45 PM
  17. Gooster's Avatar
    Getting an iPhone on Sprint is what matters to me, so I'm satisfied enough as it is.
    10-04-2011 02:48 PM
  18. lawls's Avatar
    I am very okay with this, I think people got a little too excited with all the rumours and were expecting this super amazing magical phone that had every single feature they could dream of.
    LTE, as someone already mentioned, has very little coverage. Im pretty sure it doesn't even exist in Canada.
    As for people saying it will hurt Apple I doubt it, for those who have iPhone 4 sure its not a huge update but if you do not have the 4 it's big.
    My friend has been waiting for today and he is very very happy with how this phone looks and will be preordering it.
    For me i'm only 6 months into my 3 yr contract so i'll probably get iphone 5/6, if they keep the screen not huge.
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    10-04-2011 02:53 PM
  19. mrsadkins9399's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure HTC, samsung and every other android manufacturer is having a party right now
    I know the Fanbois on crackberry are high-fiving. Let them enjoy their antiques.
    10-04-2011 04:13 PM
  20. Scout_313's Avatar
    If Apple had announced a new iPhone with a slightly larger screen (3.7" - 4"), notification LED, and aluminum back, I probably would have jumped right in. While I do see the updated internals as a big improvement, it's not enough to guarantee a sale for me. As of now, I'll be waiting until the 11th to see what my next phone will be as I really want to see what Google and Samsung have in store with Ice Cream Sandwich and the rumored Verizon Nexus device.

    It almost seems as though this iPhone 4S was Apple's plan B. I find it hard to believe that they couldn't come up with more than just a faster processor and upgraded camera. It's almost as if they had another phone in development but realized that the new design wasn't feasible at this point in time and fell back to what they revealed today. It's hard to believe that case manufacturers would have radically different case designs on their website if Apple hadn't given them some reason to deviate from the current design.

    I do agree that the other OS manufacturers out there have breathed a sigh of relief and that the iPhone 4S will not be the huge seller that analysts were predicting before the announcement. It'll definitely still be successful especially due to the fact that Sprint users will now have a chance to pick one up and iOS 5 is a big improvement. If I'm wrong, I'll definitely eat my words but I'm curious to see how this all shakes out.
    10-04-2011 04:40 PM