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    Hey Imore forum members,

    Hope all is well and hoping some of you can help me or advise as the issue I have is driving my head in the wall and Ive looked all over the net and even on here but couldnt find a suitable fix!!

    Im a huge apple fan and I think the Iphone let alone the other devices was the best thing that could ever happen to mankind.. Having said that I still have all my old as now its more of a collection.

    I live in the UAE and my Iphone 4s is from the US unlocked to all networks. When I put in a local sim it works just fine as in its able to detect a network.. all of a sudden now as Im trav next week to the UK ive put my UK sim in and it will not detect a netwrok - says searching and then no service??

    Yes this phone has not been used in a while so when I put it on the date was all funny for which Ive read post and followed the instructions to reset date and then reset network settings, toggle between airplane mode and switch off and on and finally do a soft and hard reset with no luck

    Is anyone facing or has faced the same issue? Could it be my sim car is the issue as one is able to read and the other not??

    Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated


    09-21-2016 11:07 PM

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