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    I had purchased an Ultra Mobile SIM on Amazon a couple months ago, not intending to use the service but to use it as a non AT&T SIM which was needed in the process of unlocking an AT&T GoPhone (and it worked fine for this, by the way).

    I have another phone, my old iPhone 4S, and I wanted to get that unlocked from AT&T as well. I went through AT&T and had them unlock it, and then to test to make sure it worked, I put in the Ultra Mobile SIM into the iPhone just to see if it would pick up on the network. And it did, reading the towers as T-Mobile 3G but that’s kind of besides the point. Here’s where things started going weird:

    I got the standard new voicemail alert that happens when you put in a SIM without an account, but when I went to voicemail it didn’t play a message, it asked for the 10 digit number of the person I was trying to reach. I hung up and tried calling Apple’s 800-number, and it got through. And I don’t have an account with Ultra Mobile, I never set one up!

    I tried calling my other cell number, and the call connected perfectly. Shouldn’t that be impossible? So I don’t know what happened. Here’s the number that showed up on my other phone (note that I live in the USA): +269 *********** (11 digits I'm not showing). The phone reported the number as being from Comoros, an island near Madagascar, which is nowhere near where I live. After that I tried loading a map in the Maps program to test data, and it seemed connected to the Internet but nothing loaded, no map showed. At that point I just removed the SIM altogether. I didn't try calling that 269 number for fear that I would get some weird charge.

    If it's relevant, my cellphone that I had called and saw that weird number show up is on Cricket's basic plan, which I'm not sure if it does international calls, so I don't know if that had something to do with it or not.

    So I want to know what happened. A weird glitch? Ultra Mobile says such a thing should not be possible.
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    08-19-2016 04:29 PM
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    The sim got cloned and activated?
    08-20-2016 09:26 AM

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