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    I am a kinetic sculptor with a question.

    I use old phones to make kinetic sculptures. In some pieces, the sculpture microprocessor can turn on the camera. The processor is connected to a motherboard switch. There is no button on an i-phone 4S for turning on the camera, The volume 'up' button can be used for taking a picture but the phone has to be put into camera mode via the touch screen. My question is as follows. Is there an app or a motherboard modification that would allow me to use the volume 'down' button to turn the camera on in a i-Phone 4S?

    I have attached a video of a piece called 'The Waifs' which shows phones in action. Many of the phones in this piece were provided by the AMTA (The Australian Mobile Telephone Association).
    01-05-2016 03:37 AM
  2. scruffypig's Avatar
    Check your restrictions under your settings. It may be that camera functions have been disabled.
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    02-07-2016 11:43 AM

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