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    Can anyone help with this. I previously successfully carried out a crack screen repair on my daughters iPhone 4 with no problems and a year on its still working fine, so when my son dropped his 4S I thought it's be a no brainer and I'd try the repair for that too. I got a replacement screen for about 11 on eBay with the tools and followed one of the online guides on You tube, I hadn't found this site at that time which I've since discovered has some excellent detailed guides. After dismantling I put on the new screen and put it all back together again, but the on/off button wouldn't function but if I put the iPhone on a docking cradle it sprung back into life and the screen was working perfectly. A little research online and once again dismantling the iPhone I discovered the problem, somehow I'd managed to tear the ribbon cable on the proximity connector (it happens), the small one that goes on the logic board under another connector. Now this shouldn't be too much of an issue, a replacement cable assy for this is no more than 4 on eBay but is a bit more challenging to change, if its do able I'll probably get a shop to do it for me. The main issue is that when the phone was on, it wouldn't lock onto a mobile signal, Wi-Fi was fine and my son was able to use all other functions on the phone. Further research online led me to read about an issue when removing the battery and having to reset the handset to get a signal again with various steps to get it working such as ensuring the date and time were correct, powering off (which I can't do cause of the proximity cable) and other steps, none that seemed to work. I attempted to update the phone over Wi-Fi which didn't work, the installation would fail. A Network settings reset also did not cure the problem. I then plugged it into a laptop to update it which again failed so I then preformed a factory reset through iTunes, now nothing works. Needless to say I'm not too popular with my son just now so any helpful advice would be appreciated, would a shop/market trader be able to get it working again???
    11-25-2014 05:25 PM
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    As well check the memory as well you have connected everything back but if the memory is low it wouldn't update. Make sure to take note of the error message that is displayed that would be a great indication of what's wrong.

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    11-27-2014 12:27 AM

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