1. justin_w_1982's Avatar
    I have a 4S with 7.1.2. I wanna upgrade to 8, but it says I need 4.7GB of space. My iphone is an 8GB model, and before I delete almost everything to make room, I'm wondering if it will use the entire 4.7 permanently, or will I get a little back after the upgrade. I'm used to some stuff needing a little more space for the upgrade process and then releasing some of it back. Just wondering if that's the case here. All replies appreciated. Thanks, Justin
    09-28-2014 03:37 AM
  2. fredriks's Avatar
    What happens if you upgrade through iTunes ? I've herd people said that it doesn't need so much space if you upgrade through iTunes
    09-28-2014 04:15 AM
  3. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    You will get most of the space back. It just needs it for the install process. However if you use iTunes you won't need to delete anything from the phone, because the computer handles the extra space needed.
    09-28-2014 07:54 AM
  4. fabio984's Avatar
    Hello, I'll use this topic to avoid create a new one, nothing's better than live on a clean forum, lol.
    Question: I have iOS 7 on iPhone 4a, if I install ios8.1 on iTunes, how much free space I'll have after install? Thanks in advance

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    10-21-2014 04:53 PM

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