1. michaelgnocchi81's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    I used a computer to setup my iphone but I wanted to use itunes with my iphone from a new computer. I wanted to add something and it said that my iphone had to be erased because it wasn't the original computer I used to sync my iphone. I backed up and went about to erase all the itunes content on my phone. I restored the back up thinking it would restore my voice memos on my phone and it did. But they don't show up on itunes now, just my phone.

    My questions are:

    Since I backed up the voice memos to my computer, is there a way I can make itunes recognize that these voice memos exist?
    If I go ahead and sync itunes with my new computer and it erases them again how can I add voice memos that I backed up to my computer onto my phone. Basically copy them from PC to iphone.

    Thanks for any help.
    07-03-2014 11:38 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    I don't know for sure, but I wonder if there is a 3rd party app in the store for backing up voice mails? It's probably worth a search.
    07-09-2014 11:47 PM

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