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    My wife has a 32gb iPhone 4S. We went on vacation slightly over a month ago and prior to that (a day before leaving) she was experiencing battery issues and I had done a reset to try and resolved them but I was unsuccessful, so I took it to the apple store and they restored it using DFU mode. That did the trick at the time but now it is freezing and not responding to touch nearly as well. She doesn't have insurance and I believe it out of her warranty via Verizon. Wouldn't the apple store get it replaced if we are indeed part
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    05-29-2013 11:59 PM
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    I would definitely take it back to the apple store and see what they say. It's worth a try.

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    05-30-2013 03:30 AM
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    Assuming it might be out of warranty with your carrier as well as Apple It might be worth a call to Apple tech support first to determine that and then see if they advise taking it into an Apple store to have it diagnosed. You never know until you ask.
    05-30-2013 10:25 AM
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    I agree with Jaguarr. I'd call the Apple store you took it to before and ask for some help. You won't know unless you ask.
    06-01-2013 07:53 PM
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    just got back from the Apple store from getting my second replacement phone (4S) in two weeks

    when in doubt, ALWAYS make a genius appt.
    06-01-2013 09:15 PM
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    just got back from the Apple store from getting my second replacement phone (4S) in two weeks

    when in doubt, ALWAYS make a genius appt.
    just got back from the Apple store from getting my second replacement phone (4S) in two weeks

    when in doubt, ALWAYS make a genius appt.
    A few months ago I had my 4S replaced 3 times in 1 week . First replacement had a pee-yellow screen, second had a stuck pixel in the camera, third one the vibrator rattled like it was loose, and here I am. My only complaints with this one are the camera lense rattles when I put it on a table (supposedly really hard to get one that doesn't do that) and the vibrator is a tad too loud for my liking, but as long as it doesn't rattle I'm OK. Not going to risk getting another pee-yellow screen, another bad camera, another rattling vibrator, or one with speakerphone distortion, battery problems etc., or worst of all, one with 6.1.3 installed!

    I second the Genius recommendation. Both of my Genius visits were great. My only complaint is that my Apple store is too crowded.

    I definitely do NOT recommend express replacement via mail. My first attempt at a replacement was through this method.

    They sent me a phone with an awful pee-yellow screen, and the bezel stuck out around the edges as if it were poorly reassembled. I called Apple to express my concerns, they said to send the replacement back with a note explaining why I am not happy with it, so I complied.

    Next thing I know, I see a box from Apple, but what's this? It's the exact same box I sent out. I could tell that they just affixed another label on top of the one I used. I had a feeling that I got hosed, but I opened it anyway in hopes that they sent me another phone and just simply used the same box.

    Of course, it turns out to be the same subpar phone. So I call Apple yet again, they "have no idea" what's going on, and we determine that I should take both phones to the Apple Store. At this point I am wishing that I just went there in the first place.

    But it gets better. So I take the crappy replacement along with the original phone to the Genius Bar, Genius says that they can't take back the replacement, that I should call Apple again. Fair enough, not his fault. So he replaces my phone. I thought all was well at that point except I was weary of this $575 crap replacement I was stuck with. I thought, well maybe they'll take it back since I got an acceptable replacement from the Apple Store.

    So I call Apple yet again, they say they're not sure what's going on and to use the label on the box to return it again. Well since they sent it back in the box I used the last time, there was no label, nor any sealing tape. FedEx was nice enough to furnish the proper packaging materials, including an envelope to seal the box in. Otherwise, I would've had to foot the bill for Apple's mistake.

    So I send it back a second time, thinking surely this will be it. I also went back to the Apple Store because on the replacement they gave me, the vibrator had an awful rattle like it was loose. The Genius fixed me up with the phone I'm using now, everything was great in regards to the Apple Store experience.

    So a few days later, guess what? That damned crappy phone arrives at my doorstep again!

    So I call Apple yet again, and yet again they have no clue what's going on, so they transfer me to a senior advisor. Well he had no idea either, but I heard him mumble something about tampering. I freaked out. I figured time was running out on my debit card hold, and now I'm possibly being accused of tampering with the crappy replacement phone. I asked him to elaborate, he of course didn't know. I asked him if he could extend the hold while they "investigate," he said sure. He then said he would call me back when he got more information.

    So now I'm potentially stuck with a crappy $575 phone that may now even be tampered with. Well I wasn't happy with the first senior advisor's response, I thought that surely he was mistaken, so I call Apple again and ask to speak with another senior advisor.

    So I get in touch with another senior advisor, and of course, she has no clue. I mention tampering and she says yes she sees a note about that.

    I explain to her that the phone came to me in subpar condition, I don't even have a clue how to open an iPhone, and I already had two other replacements at the Apple Store. I asked, surely you can check those for tampering, she said they do anyway and they were cleared. So I said why would I tamper with a phone in the mail then go to the Apple Store and get two replacements without tampering with them. At this point I felt helpless as I'm sure that they could come up with a multitude of reasons as to why I would do that.

    She said she believes me that I didn't tamper with anything, but I wasn't sure how sincere she was, I figured she was just pacifying me. She said she needed to get in touch with some folks, and she'd call back ASAP.

    Well she didn't call back until three days later, so this whole time I'm feeling helpless and looking at the box of this $575 paperweight. She says she has no news to give just yet and she'll call back when she finds something out. I ask her to extend the hold again and she says OK. So I felt a little better, but not much.

    Four days later I get a nice surprise in my bank account. A $575 deduction! I thought, hopefully it's still just a hold. Guess what! The next day the charge posts. Then I get a nice little email from Apple basically saying that they're charging me for the phone for not returning it on time.

    So finally she calls back the next day, guess what? She has nothing to report. I freak out and tell her I got charged the $575. She said wow I guess the system wouldn't let me extend the hold any longer. She said I'll get to working on the refund, I have to talk to my boss about this, I'll call you when I get more information.

    Sooo, another four days later she calls back, and of course I'm expecting to hear yet again that she has no news. Well to my surprise she says her boss authorized the refund and she'll email me a shipping label so I can send the junk phone back.

    While I was moderately relieved, I was still anxious that they'd just send it back again. I asked her is she sure that they won't send it back yet again, she says she made a note for them to accept the phone as-is and not to send it back.

    I still wasn't very sure about the whole deal, but she assured me that everything's OK. I wanted to believe her but it seemed that someone at that California warehouse is determined to make me pay for the junk phone.

    So I printed the label, and to my surprise the return address was different this time around. So there seemed to be a glimpse of hope left. So I returned it. I anxiously awaited for the refund, three days later I receive an email stating that I'm getting a refund for $575, however since I was "late" there will be a $50 fee.

    When will it end!!! So I call the senior advisor and leave her a desperate message. She called back the next day and said that's just an automated email and to ignore it I'll get the full amount.

    Sooooooo I wait and wait again, finally I see the full refund in my account 6 days later.

    The whole ordeal lasted almost two months, most of the time I felt helpless and angry that this happened.

    So either someone at Apple wanted me to accept a junk/tampered phone as a replacement and expected me to send my (broken but in far better condition) phone to them, or somehow it got messed with in the mail (the phone [i]was[i/] traveling 2000 miles one way each trip.) there was no way I was going to send my practically brand new device with no flaws other than the camera not performing as expected to them, in exchange for an awful, embarrassingly crappy "iPhone."

    Long story short, never do an express replacement unless you're willing to gamble with $575+ and accept the possibility that you may be accused of tampering. Be prepared for a long month of calls before it is resolved.

    Or use a credit card so that you can initiate a chargeback if they pull any stunts.

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