1. ata822's Avatar
    The past couple of days my phone has been acting up. I always charge my phone before I go to bed and again when I wake up in the morning. I almost never over charge it. And usually it only drops 4-5% over night. But now it goes from 95% to 60% while just sitting there. And last night when I went to bed I was at 50% and I woke up and it was dead. Before I went to bed I killed all my Apps etc... Before this happened I hadnt downloaded any new apps or changed any settings from how they always have been. I'm rely stumped because I've always done everything I can to preserve my battery.

    ...And not sure if it's related but my headphone jack stopped working out of nowhere the day before...

    Any ideas?
    01-19-2013 09:43 AM
  2. BLiNK's Avatar
    try doing a Reset of Settings and Network Settings then give it a full charge and see what happens
    01-19-2013 09:48 AM
  3. BLiNK's Avatar
    or... you can just ignore me like most people around here
    precon22 likes this.
    01-19-2013 12:07 PM
  4. gadgetsurgery's Avatar
    Sound very strange....
    As far battery life goes put your iphone in charge when 5% battery left upto 100%, not put charging in between.
    01-22-2013 07:35 AM
  5. thechucklingcod's Avatar
    Mine has been doing the same thing for about a month. I turned off wifi and that seemed to help. I forgot to do that last night and now it's dead.
    01-26-2013 07:08 AM
  6. thechucklingcod's Avatar
    I forgot to mention that this behavior started when I upgraded to 6.0.1.
    Btw-my headphone jack is fine.

    01-26-2013 07:12 AM
  7. applejosh's Avatar
    It could be a battery issue, or it could be a calibration issue. I know Apple recommends taking the batt level down to 20% or so at least once a month. This helps the percentage scale calibrate. I would reset the Settings / Network Settings as per BLiNK's recommendation and then run it down to 20% or lower. (Some people recommend running it until it dies, but I try to avoid the full discharge as I've read lithium based batteries do not like full discharges.) Then charge it up and see how it goes. I had a phone once that would drop like crazy, but once it got down to 10-15%, it would last for hours. After recalibrating it, the batt level dropped more evenly.
    01-26-2013 08:47 AM

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