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    O.K., let me explain that (en)cryptic title:

    Gear: 2011 iMac with latest iTunes 10.7 (21). iPhone 4S (latest OS5, not the new OS6).

    A while back I noticed that iTunes refused to let me back up to the Mac. On the one hand, I have been backing up to iCloud no problem. However, I learned there are some advantages to backing up to the computer, so I wanted to do both--have a backup in both places.

    Anyway, whether or not that was possible, I soon learned there was a major bug with backing up iDevices to computers. It seems iTunes encrypts the backups either without your permission or decides to give it a password you're not aware of. Could be an old one of yours, maybe not.

    So, despite hours of searching the web for answers, I cannot reset the 4S' password in iTunes for computer backup (like I said, as far as I know, the iCloud backup is doing fine--it shows recent backups on an ongoing basis etc.). I tried deleting the backup on the iMac, but iTunes still wants the old password before it will make a new one and/or a new password.

    My question, therefore, is this: when I get my iPhone 5, will I be able to reset this bug and be able to backup the 5 to the iMac?! Am I right to assume I will have to restore everything from the 4S via iCloud onto the 5 and that the unknown password for encrypted backups to computers won't follow along?!

    BTW: I have all my music, movies, and podcasts etc. on my iMac, so, even if they don't get backed up via iCloud, I can still re-import them to the 5. But that's a real pain. I would prefer to use a computer backup--that would restore everything, right?!

    I hope that is all clear. The main thing is that I want to know the optimal backup and restore procedure once I get the iPhone 5 so I don't have to write down all the media in order to remember what I have on the 4S (I have a lot of interviews and seminars I have to listen to and I would like to avoid documenting everything--the regular music mp3s are no problem to backup, though).

    Thanks for any help y'all can provide!
    09-18-2012 12:50 AM
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    Sounds like something I kind of dd for my 4s, but I had to back it up and reset it to as a new phone cause I had a bug in the software. I called apple care to help me and they did a good job so u can try that. I wonder if this iTunes has problems getting bugs?
    09-18-2012 01:52 AM
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    Thanks, Bluth22, for your response--not sure I want to try to get ahold of Apple Care--are you on hold forever etc.? When you reset your 4S, did iTunes reset the password and/or did the check mark on "Encrypt local backup" disappear?

    I might stop by a local Apple Store, if I can before Friday. Sprint store employees probably won't know this stuff, not sure.

    Also, what can you do with a 4S once you've switched to the iPhone 5? For example, can I update to iOS6 after I switch my service to the 5? Can I use the 4S as a wi-fi only iPod Touch with all my apps and music until I find a buyer and factory reset it etc.?

    09-19-2012 01:10 AM
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    Yeah Man U can do all of that when u get ur five, just reset it when u sale it. How are u gonna sale it cause I need to sale mines too.
    I wasn't on hold with apple care at all. It was fast, precise, and to the point. If u have apple care then the call is free. I don't remember seeing a check mark for what u said. I didn't resotore from my back up too cause it was contaminated so I used the sync and personal choose what I wanted back On the phone. I erased my old back up too. It's all better but sprints network has no coverage where I'm at. The apple store will help u too they know there stuff, so good luck.
    09-22-2012 08:43 PM
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    Wait...someone found a thread from 2012 and then commented on it? Thanks, but, ahhhhh.....yah, I moved on from the iPhone 5 since then...
    12-23-2016 11:03 AM