1. osensnolf's Avatar
    I know that together, a few of you will help me build the ultimate solution.

    In short, I want to turn my iPhone into a trail camera for hunting. If you were tasked with this, how would you do it?

    I know that I will have to use some from of a batter or solar charger so that is fine. I prefer a solar charger so that I do not have to trade batteries each week.

    I will be using my old iPhone. My account has unlimited data. Can I clone the SIM so that I can setup the phone to automatically upload photos using the data account tied to another phone?

    How would you do it? Money is not an issue at this point but using the iPhone is.

    PS - There is no WiFi in the woods. Great ATT coverage though.

    09-16-2012 06:15 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    Hate to be a party pooper, but cloning is theft of service, and this forum's proprietors take a very dim view of discussions relating to things like that.

    A better bet might be some sort of camera made for game surveillance that could be set up for live, remote access using a mifi device that can draw from a solar recharged power source.
    09-16-2012 06:24 PM
  3. osensnolf's Avatar
    I do not think this is theft.

    However... your suggestion of a mifi device might be heading in the right direction. If no one comes up with anything better, I may have to take that route.

    You would think that a forum full of geeks would have come up with a solution. :-)
    09-17-2012 01:37 PM