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    If you found that the signal of your iPhone is not stable enough, you may become frustrated when you are constantly dropping phone calls. Here are some simple ways you can try on your iPhone to see whether the signal strength can be increased. If you are in a place that provides a good signal and your iPhone cannot receive the appropriate amount of signal, try a few different possible solutions below.

    Power Off and On

    Try turning the iPhone off and back on when you get a very weak signal with your iPhone. Occasionally, your iPhone may become warm or may just need to be restarted to refresh the iPhone and its signal reception. When the iPhone has been on for an extended period of time it may slow down. Just like the computer, restarting it may fix the problem.

    Adjust SIM Card

    Get the SIM card out of your iPhone and replace it. The location of the SIM card is on the top of the phone which next to the power button (original iPhone, 3G and 3GS) or on the side of the iPhone 4.Use a small pin or a clip to pop out the SIM card and then reinsert it. Once you replace the SIM card please restart the phone cases. Sometimes, the SIM card may slightly move and make the signal be interrupted. Once the SIM card has been adjusted, the signal strength should be stronger.

    Bumper Case

    If you got a iPhone4 go to get a bumper case for it. Apple has explained that the first batch of iPhone 4′s that were released had a signal problem. Apple came out with a bumper case that fits snugly around your iPhone and helps to reduce signal interruption. The antenna is on the side of iPhone4 and many people will notice that while holding their phones the call would be lost. The bumper prevents signal from being blocked to the antenna.
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