1. laity78's Avatar
    Ok coming from Blackberry a few months ago to the I4s. With Blackberry I always had my contacts & calendars synced with yahoo. I don't want to use Yahoo anymore I want my contacts & calendars to sync with ICloud. Now I know how to switch an have all my new Contacts & Calendars save to ICloud but how do I move my old ones over?
    08-29-2012 04:12 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    You should be blue to export your contacts from Yahoo! and then important them directly to your contacts via the iCloud website. As for the calendar, if you have a Mac that is configured with iCloud then it is quite simple. Export your Yahoo! calendar and import it via iCal. Afterwards, your calendar will sync with iCloud and be synced to your iPhone. I'm sure there is a similar method for Windows PCs but I'm not certain because I haven't used a Windows computer in several years.
    08-29-2012 07:57 AM
  3. laity78's Avatar
    Thanks! I got it
    08-31-2012 11:44 AM