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    Last and final post for this one from me.. Verizon acknowledges that it's a signal problem in my area (even though there are 3 towers within 5 miles of my house), and they offer me: an endless string of replacement iPhone 4s devices (which exchanging the phone 3 times hasn't made a difference), $100 off of a network extender (after I was told I could have one for free and was later told that they couldn't do that), exchange for a 3G android device (where I will lose my unlimited data), or they will waive my ETF.

    I have to say, Verizon is very unhelpful. Their reps treated me like I should be honored and feel privileged to have a phone on their network. I'm just going to have to sell my iPhone it looks like, and pick up an Android phone that gets a better connection in my area. Sad really, because this is my first iPhone and I was really starting to like it.
    How is AT&T in your area? The reason I ask is that since VZW is not really helping you solve your problem with the device you have and/or want, it maybe beneficial to you to accept the waiving of the early termination fee and go with AT&T and possibly get the new iPhone at a contract rate. If you really don't want an Android device then don't settle for one simply because it is convenient for Verizon, in my opinion. Why couldn't they have offered you a new iPhone 5? Do you know of any other people in your area with an iPhone 4S on the VZW network that is NOT having signal related problems?
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    Thank you. I tried to reset the networks and it works!
    06-30-2013 04:55 PM
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    Seems Mama accidentally set do not disturb on hers. 😄
    01-08-2014 12:30 PM
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