1. mtbenti's Avatar
    hey everyone i'm in northern New Jersey and currently my iPhone 4S on AT&T is showing "No Service" where it normally has full service, wondering if anyone else is experiencing a full outage or just me?

    06-27-2012 01:15 AM
  2. Fausty82's Avatar
    Arizona is good... full bars and connectivity...

    Try resetting your phone... do the power and home buttons until you see the Apple logo...see if that helps...
    06-27-2012 01:18 AM
  3. mtbenti's Avatar
    yeah tried that comes back on wifi, after 2 seconds of searching it goes right to "No Service" thanks though
    06-27-2012 01:21 AM
  4. mtbenti's Avatar
    Just came back for me here, but looking at their Twitter replies & Facebook page, something is up
    06-27-2012 01:47 AM
  5. Eileen89's Avatar
    I live in the Philly area and AT&T is good here. If you are till showing No Service I would try removing your SIM card for a minute. If you are still seeing no service after putting your SIM card back in I would call AT&T and see if others are having service issues in your area.
    06-27-2012 04:09 AM