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    I am using the STRATO Communicator with Open-Xchange and started to have problems when editing contacts. I wrote to STRATO and did get a very helpful reply (translated from German):

    my question:

    I am using my STRATO Communicator Account also for synchronizing contacts and e-mails from my iPhone 4S (iOS 5.1.1). This doesn't work for the following functions:

    - When a new e-mail address is entered on an existing contact, the e-mail address vanishes approx. after 2 seconds again (this does not happen when the address is entered through the STRATO Communicator site).

    - When a contact foto is attached to an existing contact, the foto vanishes after approx. 2 seconds again, nonetheless the foto is transfered to the server (and visible in the communicator). However, in parallel the e-mail address vanishes now on the iPhone and the Communicator.

    Reply from STRATO (translated from German):

    Many thanks for your information on the behaviour of the iPhone 4S. We welcome your suggestion as a possible improvement. I cannot currently state when or if such an improvment is being made, as we are not the manufacturer of the synchronisation software.


    Considering the fact the STRATO is making advertisements that their Open-XChange interface should be working with iPhone (s. here STRATO - Neu bei STRATO: Webmailer von Open-Xchange als Kommunikationszentrale in der Cloud), such a reply is quite annoying.

    => iPhone + STRATO = Problems?

    Has anybody else made such experiences?
    05-26-2012 06:06 AM

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