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    Siri is in a state known as a "rolling beta" there is never one finished product due to the ever evolving status of Siri.

    It's also financially more effective cost wise to Apple who can work on features while Siri is here rather than waiting for beta testing to end. It's only a tag on a logo, when you look at your iPhone it's not called Siri Beta, it's a fully fledged service.

    If it was out of beta and these sort of things still happened then they would be held liable and all kinds of hell would break loose, leaving it in beta is their legal backfall & protects them against things that don't function as described.

    So you can stop saying, "when Siri comes out of beta" and "it's only beta" Siri will not be out of Beta by this Fall, and could be in beta for years and may never actually come out of beta.

    You already have the best of Siri, so you do not have to anticipate Siri becoming a real artificial intelligence or something like that.
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