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  1. Toieo's Avatar
    I have an iPhone 4s, jail-broken, running iOS 5.0.1 and I'm trying to connect it to my HDTV. Apparently there is some issue with the newest A/V adapter and iOS 5.0.1 and i don't actually know what it is but every time I try to plug in the adapter it says iOS version unsupported please update. There is no JB for 5.1 and i don't have access to the older adapter. I've tried using the adapter with and without Display Out 1.6.7 but it will not work. I could update to 5.1 but then I lose my JB, which just isn't going to happen. What I'm trying to figure out is wtf is going on, how does the adapter know what iOS version I'm running? Why does it matter what version I'm running? Is there a work around? Other than updating or getting my money back for the adapter, what are my options? It's very upsetting that this isn't working, apple insists on doing things their way and generally speaking, they are VERY user friendly, intuitive, and easy to use however, they also firmly believe in "closed" systems and in situations like this it's rather annoying. We pay a lot for out iDevices and we should be able to with them as we please. Not everyone uses Cydia/JB "maliciously". Please if anyone can offer some insight, a work around, or another solution I am unaware of I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for ANY help with this.
    04-15-2012 09:23 PM
  2. skeets000's Avatar
    Have you tried resupported4.0 along with Display Out 1.6.7? Resupported 4.0+ Cydia
    04-16-2012 05:38 AM
  3. Toieo's Avatar
    I have not actually tried Resupported4. I have done a lot of research into the matter and I remember reading somewhere that someone was having a similar issue and it didn't work for them. However, I suppose it couldn't hurt to actually try for myself though seeing as Resuppoted does offer a 10-day trial. When I get off work today I'll check it out and see what happens. The weird thing is that I get the error before I can even attempt to display anything on my TV. As soon as I connect the HDMI it pops up and blocks the transmission. Still not understanding how or why the cable itself knows. I have tried to clear the "update" from the settings too and cant get it to stop telling me an update is available but I had a thought that if I could get the available update to clear from the cache, or wherever it's telling the phone to do the update, maybe I could pop it into airplane mode and it wouldn't know the difference. IF that worked would kinda defeat the purpose though seeing as using netflix would be one of the reasons I'd like to get this cable working.
    04-16-2012 07:36 AM
  4. Toieo's Avatar
    UPDATE: Resupported4, at least the free one, doesnt seem to address/fix this issue either.
    04-16-2012 08:51 PM
  5. skeets000's Avatar
    Is your iphone GSM or CDMA? I have a jail-broken 4s running 5.01 and I use the rocket fish composite A/V cable. The only thing I had to install on my phone was Display Out, which allows for complete mirroring. It connects to my HDTV and old tube tv just fine. Sorry resupported didn't work for you. You could take back your apple cable and by the rocket fish from best buy. They have composite and component.
    04-17-2012 06:06 PM
  6. Toieo's Avatar
    i've got the att locked GSM iphone 4s. i was trying to get it hdmi connected that way i get the full HD and the audio source out of it as well... the reality is i may just have to wait for the 5.1 JB to go live and deal with it until then. sucks not being able to play my movies on the big screen. PC monitor is only a 22" 1680x1050
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    04-17-2012 09:53 PM
  7. Toieo's Avatar
    Still having issues with this and I've been searching frantically for solutions.. Almost obsessivly even, I may have a slight OCD but this is truly driving me nuts. If anyone has any ideas, please help. I've even considered updating to 5.1 but losing my JB is still something I don't want to do and there is no official public release as of yet. Chronic Dev team states could be months out still -_-
    04-18-2012 08:54 AM
  8. skeets000's Avatar
    Does your HDTV have a VGA input? If so, maybe apple could exchange your Digital AV Adapter for the VGA Adapter which also outputs 1080p video.
    04-18-2012 07:31 PM
  9. Toieo's Avatar
    I went ahead and returned the adapter and got Apple TV. I have to admit it's quite an amazing device and I'm VERY impressed. I'm able to do sooo much more than the adapter would have allowed, it's easily worth the extra 50 bucks. Thanks for all your input and help
    04-19-2012 07:26 AM
  10. skeets000's Avatar
    awesome. Well enjoy the apple TV! I still don't understand why the adapter wouldn't work.
    04-19-2012 09:22 AM