1. JsGrandma's Avatar
    I just realized that one of my apps on my phone is gone.........it does show in iTunes but when I try to drag it over to my phone (in iTunes) it has the circle with the red line through it.

    How do I get it back?

    I've tried the app store on my phone, Purchased, and it shows "installed" and then that goes gray and I can't do anything else.
    03-18-2012 02:59 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Which app is it? Maybe others are having the same issue with that particular app.

    Just Me, D
    Tapatalk (iPhone 4S)
    03-18-2012 03:29 PM
  3. JsGrandma's Avatar
    Camera +
    I used it yesterday at a party and love the "clarity" feature.........
    03-18-2012 03:58 PM
  4. Apple Ifad's Avatar
    Didn't Apple ban that app for having the ability to shoot a photo by using the volume button?
    03-19-2012 11:59 PM
  5. JsGrandma's Avatar
    I don't know anything abt Apple banning the app. I did find the app and was able to sync it to my phone.
    03-20-2012 12:08 AM