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    So We all can agree the iPhone camera is awesome. It's able to take SLR type photos and is used to replace most point and shoot cameras. Well I found another use for this phones camera.

    After reading about the camera app "Camera Awesome" by Smugmug, I downloaded it to see why TIPB gave it a good review. It really is awesome. It's fast to open and even faster to take photos.

    Now onto why I made this thread. I'm currently in school for nursing and have to study slides of blood. I was curious to see if this would work, so I took out my phone camera and brought it up to the microscope lens. With the quickness of this app and the awesomeness of the iPhones camera, I was able to take a clear picture of the slide I was looking at.

    With this app, I'm able to adjust the contrast, brightness, sharpness, etc so I can see the slide even better.

    Now instead of going to the open labs every weekend, I can study the slides off my phone!

    I give this app 4/5 stars as you still have to purchase some in app features however for what I use it for, I won't need them.

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    Nice app, although I am enjoying the stock camera and iPhoto app combo right now.
    03-08-2012 10:34 AM