1. sprocket2107's Avatar
    As some of you may notice by many of my posts in the past, I am a very worried person. I don't mean to be bothersome but I just like feeling reassured. How durable is the iPhones charging port? How often have you heard of people breaking it? When I go unplug/plug my phone in, I sometimes wiggle the charger when taking it out or putting the charger in. Is that bad? I just want to know how durable the actual charging port and contacts (30-pin connector) are. Sorry for the annoying posts but this is the most helpful forum I have ever been a part of.
    03-04-2012 08:22 PM
  2. Kehjj04's Avatar
    Im the same way (a worrier, alway looking for reassurance). I do the wiggle a bit too plugging in and out. I more worry about how often I push the "home" button. I'm afraid of breaking it!
    03-04-2012 08:30 PM
  3. Shooter03's Avatar

    Magically transferred through space and time to the internut on my LifeProof'd iPhone using Tapatalk.
    03-04-2012 09:00 PM
  4. BryanTheRed's Avatar
    You worry way too much. They are durable, I've never personally known of anyone breaking them. You have a year warranty, you know? As far as your home button, it was totally redesigned in the 4S, you should have no problems out of it!
    03-04-2012 09:13 PM
  5. sprocket2107's Avatar
    I agree, I do worry too much but I really can't help it. I'm always worried about something happening to my phone
    03-04-2012 09:17 PM
  6. TurboTiger's Avatar
    I have often worried about these two as well. Especially the home button.
    Tks for the info guys.
    Good Luck
    03-04-2012 11:04 PM