1. buckeyerob's Avatar
    Hi all! Our company just started supplying iPhones to our users and one of them had an interesting thing happen over the weekend: he said he was in the middle of typing a text message, when all of a sudden the screen went black and the spinner popped up as if the device was shutting down. When he turned it back on, it was back to the factory default settings, as if it was a brand new device. We were able to get him reactivated this morning - and everything except his pictures were loaded back up when he synched to iTunes. Has anyone heard of this happening before? I've looked around online and haven't been able to find any info about what might have caused it - or if its a cause for concern in the future. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
    02-27-2012 02:00 PM
  2. ricnmar's Avatar
    I never heard of this before. I sure hope that it won't happen to me!

    Actually; I don't know the whole situation, but I suspect there might be some user caused 'malfunction' here.
    02-27-2012 03:32 PM