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    I was recently on other websites and came across a story about a replacement back panel cover for the iPhone 4S. This is not a new story to me as I have seen the replacement back panels for the iPhone 4, specifically in metal.

    But what I would like to know is there anyone out there who's done this that has any feedback on possible issues, besides the obvious void of the Apple warranty.

    I'm currently looking into this back panel below

    Amazon.com: Iphone 4S Back Cover Housing, iPhone 4S Only, Glass Mirror Battery Door, Replacement back housing with Flash Diffuser, Chrome Ring and interior Frame and free Star shaped 5 point screwdriver -KKINTRADE- S5: Electronics (amazon link)

    And the overall critque is that there is flash spill-over that causes pictures to not look as good as they should.
    All are welcome to chime in on this topic. And sorry is there is another thread on this already!
    02-01-2012 12:50 PM