1. vargmatik15's Avatar
    PLEASE HELP. after every call (incoming or outgoing) the screen goes to either favorites contacts or recent calls. while still holding phone after getting off a call i cant tell you how many times i had accidentally called someone. how can i fix this w/ out jailbreaking? my friend calls me from his 4s and after we hang up his screen goes straight to my contact page. while mine shoots str8 to recent calls.. please advise. i'm a former "home brewer" on palm pre phones and there was always a tweak for this.
    01-23-2012 04:12 PM
  2. Peligro911's Avatar
    Depends on what screen he called u from if he went and dialed u using contacts then that's why .. It will always return to the screen that u used to call the person

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    01-23-2012 04:39 PM
  3. vargmatik15's Avatar
    Thanks!. I see what you mean now. is there a way if i jailbreak where it wouldnt do that. like maybe take me straight to menu screen or something? i do make alot of my calls from my favorites so i don't have to thumb through my phone book and what not. and i wind up callin people by accident after the call is over.. its effin annoying.
    01-23-2012 05:08 PM
  4. DZD's Avatar
    After you hang up press the Home key. That should take care of the issue for you. Or - call him from the SMS screen - double tap his name to go to the top; use the Call button - when it hangs up you should be back to the SMS screen where it would be more difficult to do an accidental dial.
    01-23-2012 07:33 PM
  5. Steve28's Avatar
    I just press the "lock" button on the top when I put my phone away/down/in my pocket
    01-24-2012 01:55 AM