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    I am been doing research without much luck trying to find the best Micro SIM card to use while traveling internationally. My Verizon SIM is unlocked. So, I should be OK there. The issue is that I am traveling to multiple international locations. Some in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe. The rates on a lot of the cards I am looking at are pretty high for the single cards that cover those multiple locations. I am also more worried about DATA. Not really to worried about cost per minute calls at all. I have found some that offer unlimited data in some of the locations but not all.

    Any help with some ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    01-21-2012 05:12 PM
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    Since no one on this forum seemed to have any answers I did want to post an option as reference to others:

    After doing the research I was able to find a company called "Travelers Telecom". Here is the link: Travelers Telecom — Welcome

    I have not tested in the foreign locations yet but the customer service has been great and it looks like the best solution out there. I ordered a separate MicroSIM for Mexico, Caribbean, and other locations. They were able to put into a single package for a great price and while traveling the rates can not be beat. This will save me hundreds of dollars compared to using the Verizon Global Data Packages.

    Anyway, if anyone has other suggestions please feel free to add and hopefully this will help other international travelers using the 4S.
    01-25-2012 01:30 PM
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    Apple iPhone 4 and iPad let everyone know an unfamiliar industry standards: Micro SIM card. It was developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, there are no different with the SIM card we usually used, only different in sizes.
    international SIM
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