1. ptb127's Avatar
    I couldn't get iTunes to recognize my iPhone for the longest time and now it that it did, I can't get it to sync up. Anyone else having this problem?
    01-16-2012 08:18 PM
  2. majorone's Avatar
    I was having similiar trouble in that Itunes wouldn't recognize my iphone and when it did the sync would lock up. I contacted the Apple assistance and they had me uninstall Itunes and reinstall it and it works pretty well now. However, there are a couple of other programs that you have to unistall along with Itunes before you reinstall it. To do this type in HT1925 on the address line of your internet. This will take you to a web site with instructions on how to unistall and reinstalling Itunes. hope it helps.
    01-18-2012 05:09 PM