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    Ok so I'm a total newbie to the iPhone...so far have been really enjoying it (although I have yet to update the software...holidays and work have been super busy to allow me to really play with the phone).

    When I was at sprint they imported my contacts from my BB curve to the iphone...but it's odd because some people's names are not where I think they should be (by first name). Example John Smith is under the J's but John Patrick is under the P....so I don't know what gives? And John Patrick's last name will be bolded but the first name is not. Is there anyway to streamline this??

    I know I must sound like a total tech ***** lol...but so far I have loved these forums/site and it helped me take the plunge to going from BB to iphone...now I just have to get up to speed

    01-11-2012 11:54 AM
  2. ThePinkChameleon's Avatar
    welcome to iMore SoBay !! Ok, you need to go into settings/general/mail,contacts,calendar. Then scroll down to where it says CONTACTS. From there you can chose your sort order & display order you'd like your contacts to show as .
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    01-11-2012 12:51 PM
  3. TiNuts's Avatar
    Try going to settings - mail, contacts, *** and down towards the bottom under the contacts heading there's an option for sort order and display order. That should fix it. It comes set goofy from the factory.
    01-11-2012 12:52 PM
  4. Massie's Avatar
    You may also find that you have some people's contact info entered incorrectlyfor example, it sounds like may have John Smith entered as a first name only, while John Patrick is as first and last names, so iOS has nothing in the last name field to use in sorting John Smith.
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    01-11-2012 02:04 PM
  5. Bundy#AC's Avatar
    You have to adjust the contacts. The info in the first name field of a contact is in bold, so in your example "Patrick" in "John Patrick" is in the first name field I'm guessing. It also sounds like you need to take the above advice and set your display and sort order.
    01-11-2012 09:21 PM
  6. SoBayGrl's Avatar
    Thank you everyone for the help and advice, the sorting thru settings has seemed to clear it up. I'm sure there are a few where I have the person's entire name in the first name field so as I come across that I'll just change it manually.
    01-13-2012 11:54 AM