1. jalba3's Avatar
    As typical iOS behavior, when the screen is off, WiFi is off. When I slide to unlock, the 3G symbol is on the status bar, and changes to WiFi when I unlock the phone.

    Recently I enabled iTunes WiFi sync and have noticed that whether I am at my home router, or in a public one(school) the WiFi is always on. Regardless if iTunes is open or closed, or if the phone's screen is off for some good times(~20-45 mins), the WiFi symbol is always on and connected. I've noticed a slight dent in battery life and wanted to know if you guys also notice this?

    Side note - On Android there is the option, and "always on" gave better battery life. However, I think the contrapositive is not true in iOS. Your thoughts?
    01-06-2012 11:50 AM