1. emscapt47's Avatar
    So what do you do and what do you use app wise and what carrier do you have?
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    01-05-2012 08:37 PM
  2. ame's Avatar
    Graphic designer, focusing on the wedding industry now. Sometimes second shoot at weddings if I don't have a lot of invite and decor work to do.

    I use myPantone a lot for coming close on ink colors if I am away from my chipbooks, but mostly I just need my email and texting near me all the time for a bridal client.
    01-05-2012 09:18 PM
  3. EpicInUtah's Avatar
    Deputy Sheriff w/ my 32gb iPhone 4s. Use it constantly for communicating w/ other officers, dispatch, as well as identifying pills etc while on traffic stops easily.
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    01-05-2012 09:49 PM
  4. anon(4732323)'s Avatar
    Personal Assistant. Use it for emails (integrated with Microsoft Office), sharing documents (Dropbox) and I use Vodafone UK
    01-06-2012 06:54 AM
  5. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    Federal LEO...just switched from an EVO to a brand spanking new iPhone 4S (which goes nicely with my personal 4S, one black and one white). Primarily used for communication purposes and email, though the camera is quite handy during investigations and such. I was so happy to toss that EVO in the box in the office and pick up my new phone, you have no idea.

    It's running on Sprint...but i find my AT&T 4S is a bit quicker around town (the Sprint service is better in some areas though).
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    01-06-2012 08:16 AM
  6. ghostface147's Avatar
    Technology field
    01-06-2012 08:53 AM
  7. neur0tk's Avatar
    Yeah I don't have any apps related to the IT field I am in for a career

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    01-06-2012 08:58 AM
  8. emscapt47's Avatar
    wow this is cool....
    01-06-2012 06:43 PM
  9. neur0tk's Avatar
    wow this is cool....
    What is cool man??

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    01-06-2012 06:52 PM
  10. kent1915's Avatar
    Social worker for a school district. I do "normal" social work, behavior intervention and support, and crisis intervention. Am also a trainer and technical assistance coordinator for behavior support with our state department of public instruction. With verizon. Happy to scrap blackberry.
    01-06-2012 08:29 PM
  11. verwon's Avatar
    Self-employed with a prescription drug information site, so I'm always using the various medical apps to let people know if something they're experiencing is s normal side effect, or a problem. what a pill they found is and etc.

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    01-06-2012 08:52 PM
  12. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    The thing is, I simply have an iPhone 4S, because I have to stay abreast of the latest. Sad really...
    I work in I.T. and it does come in handy, well, Evernote (it is priceless!), and a simply smartphone of sorts would work, but who wants that
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    01-06-2012 09:41 PM
  13. GolfnCPA's Avatar
    Partner in a CPA firm with 20+ employees. We all switched from our Blackberries. This has become an extremely productive device for all of us, with a good dose of fun for the down times, which are rare.
    01-06-2012 10:25 PM
  14. DZD's Avatar
    So what do you do and what do you use app wise and what carrier do you have?
    Work for a software company where we launched a mobile app we created (for iOS and Android) - recently moved from years on blackberry to the iPhone as most of our customers use iPhone - I'm on AT&T. App wise - nothing really work specific - we have our Outlook/Exchange integrated; I use Google Maps, Camera, Flipboard, Safari, Words with friends, Mint and Chase the most.

    Wish I had a 64gb version as the videos I take use up a lot of space.
    01-06-2012 10:29 PM
  15. mikechaudron's Avatar
    I am VP of Sales for a heavy haul trucking company. Former Blackberry power user, I now use my iPhone 4s, iPad, and MacBook Air to manage our field based sales force, marketing, corporate social media sites, corporate management, and customer interface. I also use it to stay in contact with my family, and as a great travel companion.

    It is also the coolest electronic gadget I've had.
    01-07-2012 12:01 AM
  16. williamsbh76's Avatar
    I'm a community based corrections officer. I use my iPad 2 and my 4s cooperatively. My google voice line serves as a work line so the Google Voice app is a must to keep my work and personal life separate. I also use the calendar which is synced to my Google accounts and the internet browser handles our web based defendant management system well enough when I am working in the field. SugarSync, Evernote, and Dropbox have their uses for keeping info handy on the go.
    01-08-2012 10:19 PM
  17. Cleveland's Avatar
    Master Tour app for dealing with touring schedules in the music biz and I'm on Aye Tee an Tee
    01-09-2012 12:04 AM
  18. justin sane's Avatar
    Police Officer use daily for work and personal use
    01-09-2012 02:15 AM
  19. Kehjj04's Avatar
    Mom: use for juggling my kids activities, doctors appts, and school work, keep track of my grocery list, calorie counter (just had a baby). Photo album and music player. A few games to keep the older ones busy.
    01-09-2012 06:27 AM
  20. owlyn's Avatar
    Another former BlackBerry power user. I'm in the IT field. Almost all of our BB users have switched over to either iOS or Android- mostly iOS. All are company-supplied phones, but we get to choose.
    01-09-2012 06:35 AM
  21. hoosieriphone's Avatar
    Helps me keep track of my 12 yr. old daughter. Only a matter of time before she figures out how Dad always knows where she is. LOL
    01-09-2012 10:09 AM
  22. HellKatzX's Avatar
    Bail Bondsman
    01-09-2012 06:02 PM
  23. ModeratorOMD's Avatar
    I cannot live without my iPhone- it's soooo helpful if you're a college student.

    I looove the reminders app. It saves every piece of information I need. Getting around the campus was so much easier.
    01-09-2012 06:41 PM
  24. Philbaines's Avatar
    Paramedic-browsing porn when we're not on a job ;-)
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    01-09-2012 07:02 PM
  25. 0pusX's Avatar
    Supervisor in a 911 Center. Other than communicating with officers in the field and staying in touch at work, dont really have any work specific apps I use.
    01-09-2012 07:29 PM
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