1. Infiniti7's Avatar
    how come whenever i seem to email photos to people when they open them they open upside down. how do you fix this and why does this happen?
    12-31-2011 06:04 PM
  2. Laelipoo's Avatar
    Do you take them with the volume buttons on top or on bottom?

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    12-31-2011 08:46 PM
  3. Motorbones's Avatar
    It happened to me back in early November and I was taking snaps with the volume button on top. All you need to do is rotate it around and shoot with them on the bottom. I fixed the photos after the fact.
    01-01-2012 01:36 AM
  4. Infiniti7's Avatar
    Ya I take the pictures with the volume button pointed to the sky up top
    01-01-2012 03:59 PM
  5. Laelipoo's Avatar
    Yes, you have to rotate the phone. Buttons down.

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    01-01-2012 04:02 PM
  6. GibMcFragger's Avatar
    I take photos with the buttons on top (where they should be) and they show in Windows upside-down. It's something to do with the meta data. They show normally in photo apps like Photoshop, it's just Windows that has issues.

    If you open the pic in photoshop and immediately save it (without doing anything), they suddenly appear correctly in Windows.

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    01-01-2012 04:08 PM
  7. Laelipoo's Avatar
    I find it easier with the buttons down. Use my left thumb to take the pictures, but that may be me being weird.

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    01-01-2012 08:50 PM
  8. Assemblo's Avatar
    The problem you're having is due to the clients not correctly reading the meta tags on the photos.

    We've created an app that resolves this issue if you're looking to email photos (and also uses better JPEG compression than the default as a bonus).

    You can get SnapBot for free on the app store, I can't post a link to it here as I don't have more than 10 posts sorry, but just do a search for it.

    Hope this helps!
    01-08-2012 06:55 PM
  9. Elizabeth McLellan's Avatar
    What's the solution
    05-01-2013 08:31 AM
  10. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    What's the solution
    The solution is what was previously stated about the orientation of where the volume buttons need to be.
    05-01-2013 11:48 AM
  11. joannmonn's Avatar
    How do I send photos are not upside down?
    02-27-2014 06:54 PM
  12. Rockdog97's Avatar
    How do I send photos are not upside down?
    Don't stand on your head?..

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    03-22-2014 09:46 PM