1. LVMHgirl's Avatar
    I didn't care for this particular screen protector. I ended up taking it off as I thought it took to much of the clarity away from the display. I used the anti glare from the Apple store which was a much better result and less money (2pk).
    I like the anti-glare one that you got from the Apple Store. Power Support 2-pk. Works well and feels great and NO fingerprints and smudges!
    01-30-2012 03:28 PM
  2. pizzafootbal's Avatar
    They really aren't that necessary
    01-30-2012 08:49 PM
  3. mistabritt's Avatar
    I am 99.9% always careful handling my iPhone. I went 2 weeks without a protector as a trial. I loved the retina display but I kept wondering if it would be safe

    I literally just put back the Otterbox screen shield that came with my Commuter. I heard a beeping. It was my smoke alarm battery that needed changing. I was swapping a 9 volt battery for the smoke alarm in my house standing on a small step stool and I dropped the old battery.
    It fell onto my iPhone screen. The screen protector has a scratch! But when I took it off to replace it with an extra one Otterbox sent me there is NO scratch on the glass! Everything IS fine.

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    Talk about a close call, Lol. I would have been mortified. But its cool it didnt get scratched.
    01-30-2012 11:05 PM
  4. jwsnj3rd's Avatar
    I don't use the screen protector. I have a case I bought at Best Buy with a belt clip on the back. When the phone is not in use it is turned inside so the screen is always protected by the felt lining inside the belt clip part. Does that make sense lol
    01-31-2012 01:00 AM
  5. PremierLogic's Avatar
    I couldn't stomach the thought of not having an iphone screen protector as rough as I am on my iphone and other cell phone case i've had in the past.

    If you haven't checked out the Shell Shock: G-Class by Cellairis, it's definitely the best iphone screen protector on the market right now. It's scratch proof and shock proof.
    09-05-2012 11:25 AM
  6. sunrat39's Avatar
    Ok. Your phone will scratch. You have to accept this fact. However, most likely they are hairline scratches. No one is being detailed enough to say if they are hairline scratches or actual deep scratches (maybe I missed a few posts, I'm not going through all 6 pages).

    Here it goes...
    1) if you are careful with your phone and don't mind HAIRLINE scratches, then go without a screen protector.


    2) if you are reckless with your phone and don't want any sight of scratches then get a protector.


    3) if you are wanting to resell your phone and maximize your resale value, go with a screen protector.

    I just recently took my screen protector off and the feel of the glass is so much nicer. I do see a few hairline scratches (from before) but I have to look at my screen at a certain angle with light. Are you really going to be looking for scratches with your phone turned off? Who cares? When it's on and you are using it you won't see scratches.
    09-05-2012 11:54 AM
  7. BLiNK's Avatar
    This. .....

    They really aren't that necessary
    09-05-2012 12:21 PM
  8. seashell93's Avatar
    I like the Visor screen protector...its not sticky, as it is held on by static so easy to remove and clean...but I do occasionally take it off and enjoy the look and feel of my iphone naked!
    09-05-2012 12:29 PM
  9. GingerSnapsBack's Avatar
    I cant stand the stick on SPs personally. I always buy a case with a built in SP. Otterbox Defender or the Ballistics ones work for me.
    09-05-2012 01:34 PM
  10. Sharma15's Avatar
    Any phone is able to get scratches. It depends in how good you are to the device. If you have got scratches on other devices get the SP. it's a $700+ device a $5 buck SP wot ruin the experience.
    09-05-2012 02:35 PM
  11. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    It's damn near impossible to scratch the iPhone's screen with any noticeable damage...I've put my iPhone in my pocket full of keys and never had a scratch. These screen protectors are, in my opinion, a waste...but if someone feels better with one on, good for them. Just don't use those chrome ones, they look terrible.
    09-05-2012 06:48 PM
  12. Cathycai's Avatar
    expensive things need careful care.I run a screen protector on my phone.
    09-05-2012 08:29 PM
  13. Relletti's Avatar
    I have a screen protector on mine. Just not trying to risk the scratches. If you worry about scratches and smudges it's a must.

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    09-05-2012 08:55 PM
  14. relaxmax57's Avatar
    You can get 2 protectors in a pack now for $14 which I think is a good price considering the protection that it offers. Max Games / Top Flash Games at 5ire.com
    09-05-2012 09:35 PM
  15. david9962000's Avatar
    I have the Zagg HD, it's almost invisible and it gives me a peace of mind.
    09-05-2012 11:06 PM
  16. sunrat39's Avatar
    I bought the 3M natural view and I must admit it is a great product.
    I thought I would try using my 4s without a protector and yea, it was nice but I realized something. I work in a lab, and I don't want any germs, blood, etc.. on my phone. Thus, I think it's better to have a screen protector for myself and I after reading some reviews I decided the 3M. I also have an anti bacterial spray (I think from zagg) that I use on my electronics since I take it to the stat lab.
    So, to get one or not? Personal preference and it depends on what your job entails.
    09-07-2012 01:10 PM
  17. _heatherly's Avatar
    I've never had a screen protector on my iPhone and my screen is perfect.

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    09-09-2012 02:14 PM
  18. MrMars's Avatar
    I've gone without one for several months. No scratches yet. I feel a screen protector takes away from the awesome retina display.
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    09-09-2012 02:24 PM
  19. iBac0n's Avatar
    The iphone screens do scratch ive had 3gs 4 and 4s, i have used a screen protector and didnt like them so took it off straight away. However the scratches were very minimal hardly noticeable but then do scratch
    09-09-2012 04:12 PM
  20. jwsnj3rd's Avatar
    I've never had a screen protector on my iPhone and my screen is perfect.

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    Hope you didn't just jinx yourself lol
    09-09-2012 04:17 PM
  21. Fit24's Avatar
    Protection is a personal choice. I choose to minimize the risk of damage to my phone by always using a screen protector or a case with a built-in screen.
    09-09-2012 08:59 PM
  22. Kaitokomauri's Avatar
    I've never used a screen protector (only a silicon case) by the time you get to scratch your iphone's screen so badly that you wish you had put a screen protector, the new iphone would be around the corner and you would have your eyes at a the next generation device rather than a screen protector
    09-11-2012 05:32 AM
  23. Dahlen's Avatar
    I had to take my power support screen protectors off so my phone would fit in the life case I picked up for it. I somehow managed to put a large gash in the back glass when I took the phone out for the day. Never again will I go without a screen protector.
    09-11-2012 02:13 PM
  24. Yjaybrooks's Avatar
    I should have got a screen protector because I scratch my IPhone and now the resale value will go Down on it ( even tho you can't hardly see it )
    09-11-2012 03:29 PM
  25. Sancho90's Avatar
    Throw me in with the majority that has never used a screen protector, and I get by just fine.
    09-11-2012 09:24 PM
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