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    Do you drive a Jaguar?
    Not that it has anything to do with this topic but no.
    01-01-2012 04:54 PM
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    01-01-2012 04:58 PM
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    Not for nothing man but I seriously doubt that Facebook had much of any impact on BOA or Verizon.
    Many of us take Facebook for granted, but social media has been a game changer for big corporations, governments, and really the world as a whole. Support can be rallied at the press of a keyboard, and where once we could only sit by helplessly as corporate greed and government oppression held us down, social networking has given us strength in numbers. To say companies like BofA and Verizon are not swayed by the likes of Facebook is shortsighted to say the least. Governments fear the power of social networking.....and last I checked, big corporations and government go hand in hand.
    01-03-2012 11:22 AM
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    Over the course of a year at $2 comes out to $24. Its not alot of money, but why do i have to give that away just to pay a bill.
    That's my point. My mortgage company charges me $19 to pay online and I am pretty sure that it's $25 or more to pay via a rep on the phone. I pay them enough every month and refuse to pay that much money for them to take my money. I am probably one of the few people on the planet who still write and mail checks every month. I don't pay anything online.
    01-03-2012 11:48 AM
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