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    I had an extended battery on my Droid thae last 6 months or so that I used it. Made the phone much thicker and eliminated using a belt holster, a pain in the anatomy to say the least. Before the extended battery, I had difficulty getting the Doid to last a full day, which isnot a problem with the 4s and it's much more compact. Nope, don't need a sports car tha goes really, really fast, but fo only 5 miles. Deffinately well describes the Android battery culture.

    I find it intersesting that the Android format does have more capibilities (mostly bells and whistles), but I use my iPhone much more frequently and for more things. In short, for me it has a lot more real time usefulness that the Android had.
    My phones are almost always in my hand & the extra size of the battery didn't bother me at all. You were right in regard to the stock battery not lasting a full day because I could barely get 8 hours out of it. As for the differences, my Blackberry devices were more efficient, at least in the way I used them. I basically do the same things with my iPhone 4S that I did with my Android devices with the exception of flashing custom roms and other customizations. Finally, for 'real time usefulness', that's debatable and depends on the user. Ive researched every smartphones I've ever had (and I've had a lot of them) prior to purchase and ive been satisfied with every one of them and that includes my current device...the iPhone 4S. I'm not an Apple fan boy and I'm not an Apple hater either. I take advantage of whatever device I have regardless of the brand.

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