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    Hello tipb pro iTeam!

    My father wanted an i4S for Christmas, we are living at Qatar, but here the i4S 16GB costs over 800$ which is so expensive, so I thought i would order him one unlocked from Apple.com and ship it using an international shipping company I have an account with, which is located at NewYork.

    Do you think Apple will be able to ship it correctly to the company? I tried to phone the shippment company and they said we had no problems at all with shippments from BestBuy or Amazon and many other fashion shops in the US as Aldo, Macys. but we didnt try Apple before.

    so thats why I am asking you guys. in case the product was not delievered to the company, will Apple offer a refund? the company name is Aramex, they got 2 websites, aramex.com and shopandship.com

    Thanks in advance.
    12-20-2011 09:25 AM