1. drew1964's Avatar
    I have 2 problems with siri. One is I can ask it to call a contact and it does fine. Then when i hang up and try to ask it to call someone else it always says there is a problem and to try again later. If I wait ithe request goes thru. Dont know if this is a phone problem or apple server problem.. Second when I ask it to call my home it sometimes tells me it has no phone number for me but it is in the contact list. I have to then ask it to dial by number and it works. I dont like that if the apple servers are down siri cant look into my local contact folder to get the contact and dial it. The old voice command did not need to do this. Siri should know if contact is on phone and just dial it as opposed to going out to server
    12-18-2011 04:30 PM