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    When I first go my iphone I plugged it into pc just like I always have for ipods. recently I had to reload windows 7 for some odd reason. I had everything working normal. I have it set up to work through I cloud but use the plug for pictures and videos.

    Now all information about phones seams to be gone. It says it is synced with another itunes computer and it will erase phone and replace withinfo that is Itunes on PC. I do not understand why, and why it is doing this. also playlists are way out of wack with PC and iphone....

    what is going on?
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    iTunes wants to use the library file that was on your hard drive before you reloaded Windows. You will have to reload all your media, set up your playlists, etc again. I've had to do it. It's kind of a pain but not too difficult. Just a bit time consuming.
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    12-12-2011 09:40 PM