1. LyndaP's Avatar
    Would love an iPad 3 - been an Apple Fanatic since 1984!
    12-02-2011 01:14 PM
  2. polo2883's Avatar
    Win this and I dont have to buy an iPhone 4s for the wife
    12-02-2011 01:14 PM
  3. rgar3388's Avatar
    I want to give the gift of life that is the iPhone 4S to my little 20 year old brother and make his dreams come true this Christmas.
    12-02-2011 01:14 PM
  4. rabs1365's Avatar
    This would be great!
    12-02-2011 01:14 PM
  5. slalomskie's Avatar
    Sign me up, would love to give my daughter an iPad for Christmas.
    12-02-2011 01:15 PM
  6. dgbrock's Avatar
    So the wife gets this iPad2 for her birthday. You think I can get my paws anyway near it? No-o-o-o-o. So I guess I need my own now. Puleeeze??
    12-02-2011 01:15 PM
  7. Ryuz4ki's Avatar
    I would love to win the certificate to finally be able to buy an iPhone, I've been wanting one since it first came out and manage to save to buy a 2nd generation Touch 8 months after it's release and sold it to buy the 4th Generation when it came out, but with the iPhone 4 and the 4S I've always felt like I still need that elusive iPhone, this would really help me keep my college spending dedicated to books for med school.
    12-02-2011 01:16 PM
  8. jessnkorey's Avatar
    "Siri, is it possible that I can win a new iPhone?"

    "Anything is possible"
    12-02-2011 01:17 PM
  9. jhoffmeyer's Avatar
    When I got my iPhone 4S my wife got my iPhone 4 which she loves. However, since she doesn't have Siri she keep taking my phone to as Siri questions so it'd be great to get her a 4S of her own.
    12-02-2011 01:17 PM
  10. natedgr8's Avatar
    I have had every version of the iPhone since the beginning, but I have never owned a mac. I would love to put this towards the purchase of my first MAC.
    12-02-2011 01:17 PM
  11. dougdog's Avatar
    Nice giveaway... You guys are awesome... I wish I win this one
    12-02-2011 01:18 PM
  12. nosivad79's Avatar
    It would be an excellent present for my wife - her Android annoys her to no end with the inability for people to hear her clearly all the time.
    12-02-2011 01:19 PM
  13. leejerryj's Avatar
    Earlier this year I had the awesome opportunity to serve on a reconstruction team in the tsunami region in Japan. A member of our team had an iPad and took video interviews with it that we later used in a video to share with others at our church. It turned out awesome. I plan on returning to Japan next year and would love to have an iPad so that I could do this again. It would also be nice for keeping in touch with my family while I am there via Facetime/Skype.
    shokz likes this.
    12-02-2011 01:19 PM
  14. jackie treehorn's Avatar
    My wife and I just had our first baby and we would love to have an iPad2 so that I can facetime with them from the road when I'm traveling for work. It really sucks being away from my wife and newborn and not being able to see them when I call home! Help me out guys!
    shokz likes this.
    12-02-2011 01:19 PM
  15. sawinter's Avatar
    I would love to win an iPhone 4s for a few reasons. First off, I'm still using my 3GS, and while it is a great phone, I would love the advancements the 4S has to offer, most importantly, Siri. Also, having the 8mp camera would but a huge step up from my 3GS. Thanks, TiPb for always doing these incredible giveaways.
    12-02-2011 01:21 PM
  16. thedark722's Avatar
    I truly believe that voice recognition is the future, being able to simply speak to your devices and actually have them understand, in context, "Whatchoo talkin 'bout Willis". I think Siri is definitely the biggest step toward finally meeting HAL, or understanding Deep Thought's "42". I'd love to win this and cash in on an iPhone 4S...one of the first things I'd do is give Siri her own video blog where she could post interviews with Twiggy, The Enterprise and of course the original Macintosh.

    Thanks for the chance. TiPB contests rock!!!!
    12-02-2011 01:21 PM
  17. RoboGhost's Avatar
    TiPb, Love you. Please pick me.
    12-02-2011 01:21 PM
  18. ravee3rd's Avatar
    I have an iPhone 3GS, but I have to wait another year before I'll be eligible to upgrade with my carrier(AT&T). I can't afford to get it without being eligible. So I would dearly love to win the 4S. I take a lot of pictures with my 3GS and would really enjoy the better camera, but what really blows me away is Siri! Amazing!
    12-02-2011 01:22 PM
  19. mortys11's Avatar
    i would love to get an iPad 3
    12-02-2011 01:22 PM
  20. yzzilyzzid's Avatar
    I got an iphone4 back in the spring and just can't afford the upgrade cost of the 4s. Would love to have Siri tell me what to do and also have an upgraded camera.
    12-02-2011 01:23 PM
  21. dmt316's Avatar
    it would be the perfect gift for my wife, she is jealous of mine,
    12-02-2011 01:23 PM
  22. Darth Rich's Avatar
    Long, Long time reader/listner, first time reply-er.

    I would use this to get my two wonderful sons their own iPod Touches and load them up with all their favorite (educational) type games, and Angry Birds.

    And use any remainer for a Apple TV.

    Happy Holidays!
    12-02-2011 01:23 PM
  23. Zak8022's Avatar
    I would love this... so I could give it to my wife. I converted from Android and got the 4S when it came out... and I'm not turning back. I think my wife would love it, but I can't convince her its worth the expense.
    12-02-2011 01:23 PM
  24. abradley725's Avatar
    I would really like the new iPhone - especially for Siri and the better camera!!
    12-02-2011 01:23 PM
  25. CZullo's Avatar
    I got one. My wife's got one. Now my kids need one. (Ipad2's)
    12-02-2011 01:24 PM
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