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    I am using gps coordinates as an address on a contact in my phonebook. Unfortunately, "United States" gets appended to the address (coordinates) so that when I tap it, the map opens, but says "No Results Found". When I delete "United States" out of the map search box, the location pops right up. So my questions is: How do I stop the appending of "United States" on my contact's address? It seems to be defaulted and I can't get it to stop. That way, when I tap an address in my contacts, the map will open to the location.

    Anyone know how to shut this off?
    11-23-2011 04:22 PM
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    I believe that of you're on the US is auto defaults to US and I don't think there's a way to change that.

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    11-23-2011 04:25 PM
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    How do I stop the appending of "United States" on my contact's address?

    Anyone know how to shut this off?
    For NA, you don't. But, you're not the only one - I'd submitted a bug report to Apple via the Apple Developer portal some time ago, and it's still open. To complicate it somewhat, bug-wise, the issue seems to be somewhat region-specific, e.g., I'm in Portland OR and all of my PDX Metro addresses work perfectly even with the "United States" tag included. But, heading just 8 miles north in Vancouver WA to my litigation attorney's office, the "United States" tag gets me about 1/2 mile away, and a visit to a client's office in Potlatch WA a few days ago gets me 2 miles farther up Highway 101 - backing out the "United States" tag gets me right to my attorney's office and much closer to the client's office (but still a few hundred yards off.

    I have my own theories, something along that it's tied to the GIS data Apple bought before Google split from them. It's not just Apple's Maps app - I've sampled from some of the GIS apps on iOS and used other mobile platforms - they're all hit-and-miss; case in point I looked at 3 addresses and none of the mobile apps (Maps/Google Maps Web App/Telenav GPS/Bing/Mapquest/TomTom/Navigon) AND Bing/Google/Yahoo/AOL/TomTom/Nokia maps got them all right - and my Benz and Subaru in-dash units were also off too (both use current Teleatlas data, which blows here in the US). I noted that when there were errors at my attorney office (in a city) and client offices and mom's house (all in rural WA State), the errors were generally *exactly* in the same place, which is why I think it's a "blow" in GIS tagging - my attorney's office is shown 1/2 west in Bing (iOS/web), Apple (iOS), Mapquest (iOS/web), Teleatlas (Subars/Benz/TomTom GO/TomTom web) - but the Google Maps web (iOS and desktop) and Nokia Maps desktop show it correctly; the Nokia Maps web app is absofrickinlutely useless.

    Short fix? I tap and hold on the contact's address and wait for "Copy" to pop up, then close the Contact's app, then open the Google Maps web app and paste the address into the search field - that gets me where I want to go most of the time.

    Hey, we wanted free, right? Honestly, the $1600 head units in my Foz and GL450 are both crap too.

    EDIT: Nokia Maps is hit and way-frickin-off. I'm connecting with a friend from Cork Ireland over the weekend, and she launched Nokia Maps to plan a trip. Our destination - 123 miles (way-frickin) off, and in the wrong state too. Nokia can pg mo thin, we'll not be using them again!
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    11-24-2011 02:26 AM
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    I also have a theory that location based reminders will also be much more accurate. Most of my destinations are not addresses accurately shown on the map based on the address. So that when I tell Siri to remind me to do something when I get to work, she can't do it because the address and actual map location are not the same place on the map. If I was able to use just the gps coordinates for these reminders without "United States", she'd be right on.
    11-26-2011 02:27 PM
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    Add your GPS coordinate in the URL field of the contacts. NOT the address field. This will keep United States from parcing into the address.

    Use this syntax:


    the &q= is required if you want to drop a pin.
    02-24-2014 06:07 PM

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