1. happycamping's Avatar
    I just got my 4S a few days ago...I am curious though, I have noticed that my 4S seems to get reallly hot at one spot on the back of the phone but nowhere else. I figure this is probably normal but wanted to make double sure that it is. This is my 3rd iPhone so I know that this amount of heat hasn't happened in my last two. So I am wondering if I should be worried about it and replace the phone.
    11-17-2011 04:59 AM
  2. Accidental Post's Avatar
    Not normal. Battery killer. Are you using the Charger that came with the phone or a third party one? Definitely time to replace.
    11-17-2011 06:43 AM
  3. noaim's Avatar
    The iphone can get warm if charging and using at the same time but it shouldn't be real hot..
    11-17-2011 03:11 PM
  4. iMacca's Avatar
    Mine does start to warm up with heavy use, but no more than any other iPhone / Android I've owned
    11-17-2011 05:50 PM