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    I don't know if this tip has been posted before but I counldn't find it anywhere. This does not require a jailbreak.

    I was reading the post about how you could create shortcuts using siri and contacts which is cool but it is limited and seems like in many cases it still takes more time than just clicking the program icons. Then I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool to just have an icon on your iphone/ipad homescreen that was a shortcut to various system settings, programs, contacts etc using the available url schemes. This is obviously a work around but is still faster than anything that I've seen.

    1. Go to the website ( ) or similar service. Create links for all of the url scheme shortcuts that you want and copy the links down in your iphone/ipad notes program.

    2. On your iphone or ipad go into settings and turn off your wifi and cellular data. It's important to not have any connection to the internet.

    3. After you've turned off the data connections, open up the task manager and close out the safari app to remove it from memory, then open up safari. You'll have some alert boxes pop up, just close them, then paste in your tinyurl shortcut and press go. Close some more alert boxes and now your tinyurl link will be loaded into safari. You won't see anything on the screen, but it is loaded to the point where you can now click on the button where you can create an icon on the homescreen for the tinyurl link that you just loaded.

    4. After you complete the 3rd step a white icon will be on your home screen with whatever you named it. Do this same thing for all of your shortcuts before turning on the data connections.

    5. Turn your data connections on and start clicking on your icons. Safari will open up with the tinyurl which will transfer you to your shortcut.

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