1. spareshoota's Avatar
    I have the 16gb black AT&T iPhone 4s and lately it's been making the tri-tone noise at random but shows nothing. That specific noise is only associated with the receipt of voice mails, but there are none when it makes the noise. I went into the reminder part to make sure it wasn't set and I verified that I want the phone to only make a noise once when it receives something (messages, tweets, etc). Anybody else having this problem?
    10-29-2011 07:14 PM
  2. matrix2004's Avatar
    That's just Siri messin with ya. LOL.
    10-29-2011 07:32 PM
  3. BrindawithanI's Avatar
    Just a stab in the dark, but I've noticed that since ios 5 and/or the last update that Facebook shares the tri-tone. Do you by any chance have it installed?
    10-29-2011 10:02 PM
  4. Guacho's Avatar
    Same thing happened to me a few days ago, i'm using ios 5 in an iPhone 4
    10-29-2011 10:11 PM
  5. gthugballin's Avatar
    in notifications you have the option to make the sound but not show any message.... so go to notifications and see what you have selected to not pop up... i guarantee you it has "don't show anything" selected.
    10-30-2011 04:57 AM
  6. _heatherly's Avatar
    Yeah, this has happened on mine and it seems go be Foursquare related. I set it not to have any pop up notifications, but when I check the Notification Center, it shows an alert.
    10-30-2011 08:24 AM