1. matthirst's Avatar
    I know there's a stickied thread similar to this, but that's very USA and carrier based. I just want to discuss spefically regarding the UK and buying direct from Apple.

    I ordered my 4S a couple of weeks ago online, which estimated delivery at today (27th Oct) to 3rd Nov. The order status hasn't changed since I made the order (processing) so am just getting a bit concerned now. Has anyone else ordered online in the UK, how has the order gone/going?
    10-27-2011 10:44 AM
  2. Steve-O's Avatar
    It will stay as 'processing' until about a day before it's sent out to you. From my experience, it will change to 'preparing for shipment' the day before it actually ships & will then update to 'shipped' within 24 hours of that. As you mentioned, your delivery date potentially isn't until 3rd Nov, so you may not see any change until the 2nd.

    I'm in the same boat at the mo. Have no phone (as sold my 4 & had to ship it), but am waiting for my 4S online order to come through (delivery date of 31st - 7th). Find myself logging in a few times a day at work & refreshing just in case it's been sent!
    10-28-2011 04:34 AM