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    Sorry if this thread is redundant, i looked and don't see any similar to this. Here is my story, I had a blackberry, which i thought was great, then I moved over to Android. Again through this was a great move. I like the integration with email, customization i can do on the phone, and every thing else. I am now very interested in the apple products. I always through the IPAD was far superior to anything other tablet out there. The iphone (i have not played with one too much to be fair) seems like a great phone.

    I am looking for pros and cons of the Iphone. (I realize i am on the iphone blog and there is some bias) but i would like to hear what makes this phone so great. Can it be customized (or do you have to jailbreak), how does it work with google email, what are great features and what are not so great.

    Thanks again for any assistance, it is greatly appreciated!!!

    I guess i didnt look hard enough. there is a post that asked who had both an iphone and a droid. sorry gain for the redundant posts.
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    Simply put, with iOS5 there seems to be a lot more options (customization) than before, especially with the new notification system.

    I say get a device, play with it for a few weeks (most carriers give you a time period to return it), and see how you like it. I always say, until you use something, it is harder to say what you like\don't like about it.
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    Read thru this whole thread, it will give you most, if not all of you answers.
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