1. SwsFoe's Avatar
    Does anyone else get really loud notifications right after using Siri? The volume will become very loud even if the ringer is all the way down for a brief period after using siri.
    10-20-2011 07:30 PM
  2. ghostface147's Avatar
    Actually yes I do. I just got my 4S today and have noticed that twice so far. Again, Siri is beta.
    10-20-2011 08:00 PM
  3. noaim's Avatar
    yes even keyboard clicks get really loud
    10-20-2011 08:15 PM
  4. tyler_zyco's Avatar
    Yes even locking and unlocking get very loud.

    Pretty annoying but hopefully there will be a fix.
    11-12-2011 06:23 PM
  5. StaticFX's Avatar
    I notice that after disconnecting from the dock in my car.
    11-12-2011 06:30 PM
  6. verwon's Avatar
    Yep! Same here.

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    11-12-2011 06:33 PM
  7. andrewshah's Avatar
    I guess it's a pretty common problem. It doesn't bug me all that much though, because it doesn't last very long.
    11-13-2011 12:53 AM
  8. xxjokerxx's Avatar
    I've got the same thing happening. It doesn't really bother me. But it is a bug that needs to be worked out.

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    11-13-2011 10:22 AM
  9. tyler_zyco's Avatar
    I went to my local apple store and all of their display units have this problem too...
    11-13-2011 11:27 PM
  10. kevin smith 619's Avatar
    Yes, i think it is due to siri voice.
    11-14-2011 02:10 AM
  11. Fatboy71's Avatar
    I get it, but its not a big deal, its a bug that I'm sure will be ironed out, Siri is still in beta.
    11-16-2011 04:09 PM
  12. E_Brown's Avatar
    It's funny, today I actually noticed it for the first time. It really is louder after Siri.

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    11-16-2011 04:12 PM
  13. CalifJewls's Avatar
    Yes, I have the same issues as you are all reporting..loud keyboard, loud on/off, it even killed sound all together on my original 4S, always after using Siri...
    11-16-2011 04:42 PM
  14. KevinMartin's Avatar
    My buddy has brought the iPhone 4S but he is not suffering this kind of problem.
    09-12-2012 07:50 AM