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    The lock screen should be notification enough. The notification bar as well. I actually hated the clutter of my notification bar on my android.
    No, the lockscreen is not enough. I pointed out in my post above precisely why the lockscreen is not enough.

    "Why? Because if I have 3 different notifications on the lockscreen, (1 for mail, 1 for facebook, 1 for twitter) and I go into ONE of them, then lock my phone...then next time I see the lockscreen, there is nothing there. The facebook and twitter notifications no longer show on the lockscreen. They DO still show in the notification center, but not on the lockscreen. If I had the icons in the notification bar at the top, I could easily remember that I have 2 notifications left waiting for me. I think Apple missed the boat on that one. Not sure why the lockscreen 'resets' after you access one of the notifications. At least give us an option to not do that"

    If you have items on the lockscreen, and you access just ONE of those notifications, the next time you unlock your phone, NOTHING is on the lock screen. So the only way to even remember that you had a notification pending 10 minutes later is to actually unlock the phone again, which is what the old iOS gave us. It's like Apple said "you get one crack at having the lockscreen be useful for you. After that, we will blank it out."

    If icons were there (or a blinking LED, which is another discussion - NO idea how iPhones still don't have this - and no, the one-time flashing of the camera LED on the BACK of the phone when a notification comes in is not the same thing), I would only have to unlock my phone to remember that I have several notifications waiting. Unlocking the phone and hoping I'm on the right page of icons to see a badge is not ideal. There is nothing at the top of the screen, like Android, that tells me, "Hey, I should swipe down the notification panel." It's just lazy on Apple's part.

    Still love the phone for the most part though :-)
    10-24-2011 11:34 AM
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