1. wpguberu's Avatar
    Hey everyone, so I've been having a weird issue with my Jabra EasyGo BT headset and my Iphone 4s. For the first day everything was fine, and I was getting my ringer and text notification sounds through my headset. Then later yesterday my cell rang and bt headset rang. I was like wtf? Then after any sound minus calls and using Siri, would be using the external iphone speaker. So now if I get a text or call sometimes I miss it as the sound isn't coming from the headset. If I answer then the headset works. I'm going to exchange the headset for another one and also seeing a apple genius on saturday at 10am. But I've forgotten the device and reset the paring on the headset, basically tried everything. At one point it took an hour to get the headset to pair again. So I dunno, any ideas would be great. Thanks.
    10-20-2011 11:38 AM