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    Sorry if this has been posted already, if so my search skills suck :-)

    Basically, my 4s is connected to my exchange server (2010) and also has my work contacts synced to the unit.

    If i go in to mail, and type a name who is in my global address list, it will show their name and email address - just like it should. Again, this person is not in my sync'ed contacts.

    Now, if i go to a webpage, say apple.com, select the options, and say forward, it brings that information up in a mail message but will not let me add anyone from my exchange global address list, only my sync'ed contacts.

    I've had other 4s users try it at work and it's the same issue so it's not my settings.

    Can someone try it if they have a 2010 or 2007 exchange server and see what they get, to rule out an issue with my exchange server.

    Thanks in advance!!
    10-19-2011 11:34 PM
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    That's normal behavior.
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    10-20-2011 12:32 AM

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