1. BuddhistGirafe's Avatar
    So. When you upgraded to a 4S what did you come from? Both model and size wise. Do you notice you are using the extra space if you increases in size?

    Personally I went from an iPhone 4 32GB black to a white 64GB 4S. I find I am really taking advantage of the extra space. I can now fit my entire iTunes music library and have all my apps on it at the same time. Before I had to remove infinity blade, rage and the elements as they were all over a gig. Also I have more pictures synced and keep my camera roll full as opposed to be selective. It's nice to have this extra space.

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    10-18-2011 12:23 AM
  2. Jemjee's Avatar
    I went from a 16GB 3GS to a 32GB 4S. I got the bigger storage because I figured with a better camera and HD video capabilities I would be using more storage than on my previous device.
    10-18-2011 08:14 AM
  3. IamHahn's Avatar
    I went from a 16GB 3GS to a 32GB 4S. I got the bigger storage because I figured with a better camera and HD video capabilities I would be using more storage than on my previous device.
    This is exactly the thought process I am having, reconsidering not spending an extra hundred to upgrade from the 16gb. I don't know if photostream will save space on my phone by allowing me to erase picutres from the phone and keep them in the cloud, or not.
    10-18-2011 08:41 AM
  4. ame's Avatar
    I just went from a 32gBlack iPhone4 to a 32gBlack iPhone4s. No difference in usage. I thought I'd take mroe pics but I don't...I also only put a specific few songs on here--I think 500ish max, I have 10 movies though.
    10-18-2011 09:18 AM
  5. Ftspyder's Avatar
    i had a 16gb 3g and i have a 16gb 4s, i dont really need more
    10-18-2011 10:56 AM
  6. noaim's Avatar
    I went from the 32gb to a 64gb. I made this change because I had about 4 gig left on my 32gb so I figured I needed space to expand.
    10-18-2011 11:04 AM
  7. ghostface147's Avatar
    If I sell my current 4 for a decent price and replace it, I'd go from 32 to 64. I don't need that space, it's just a comfort thing for me. A just in case mentality. I wouldn't come close to filling it up. I only keep the apps I use regularly (less than 1.5 gigs), have about 5 gigs worth of audio, same for video and about 7 gigs of photos.

    I just want the space and will probably not ever fill it up.
    10-18-2011 12:04 PM
  8. SnapThrow's Avatar
    32gb iP4 --> 64gb iP4S

    With the extra 32gbs I am stuffing more music and apps on my phone -- and I have plenty of room for pics and videos (especially with the new 1080p capability). If Apple had released a 128gb iP4S (maybe the 5 next year??) I would have bought that
    10-18-2011 04:03 PM
  9. HeyGreggie's Avatar
    Yeah I have a black 64 gb, with 47gbs left. I was thinking about downloading that google music app since I came from an android device and the 20,000 songs I have stored on there are actually pretty a space saver on my 64gb iphone.

    also with apps like Netflix & Spotify, I really dont have the use for movies, but I do have a busload of apps for those long trips, and a good 8-9 GB's of pictures stored away. I'll probably add like 12-14gb of music just ON the iphone itsself and still have 20+ gbs just there. Well worth the purchase.
    10-18-2011 04:37 PM
  10. jon01's Avatar
    i went from a 16 to a 32. i was always ~1gb free on my 16gb so i was going to upgrade anyway.
    10-18-2011 04:41 PM
  11. j_benj's Avatar
    I went from a 16gb Palm Pre 2 to a 32gb 4S. Figured I'd try to future proof a little since I like to snap photos and vids.
    10-18-2011 08:14 PM
  12. pilsbury's Avatar
    I opted for the 16GB, same as my i4. I have 670 songs, 1400 photos and still have over 5 GB free.
    10-19-2011 07:42 AM
  13. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    I came from a 32GB and went to another 32GB...so there's really no "new space" so to speak, and i have not yet got the hang of fully using iCloud to its potential, so my phone, as far as real estate goes, is still pretty much identical to what it was with my iPhone 4...with the exception of a few 1080p videos, which take A LOT of room, lol...
    10-19-2011 08:15 AM