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    I use my iPhone camera at work to take pictures of artwork that I need to duplicate and I email the pic to my gmail account (this is the best method for what I do). With my 3gs the email showed up right away both on the phone and in gmail on pc. I sent a pic about 1.5 hr ago and it hasn't been received yet. So I sent another. Still not showing up. I can send from gmail with or without attachments and it shows up right away. I have even deleted account and re-added it both by doing it as "gmail" that shows up in the list when adding an email and manually by selecting "other". At the moment I am doing it over 3g (waiting to get password from co-worker) but in the past it has worked either way.

    Anyone else having any issues? Anyone care to give it a try to see if it's working for you?

    Full bars btw

    Edit: I went into iCloud in settings and turned off mail. I'm not currently using iCloud and do not even have it turned on. Problem solved.
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